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Growing a business in a sustainable way that does not bottleneck operations, but is scalable in the long-term requires strategy. We help our clients bring this strategy into their business.

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Finance is a business function you simply can't ignore. We believe the partnership between your service provider and a business is the foundation better finance and better companies are built upon.

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Our team believes that if we aren't partnering to enhance our client's businesses, we aren't enhancing our organization. We believe in partnering for better business, and we talk, work and execute this way as well.

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Do Your Financials Matter?

Are your financials guiding you in day-to-day decisions to manage, lead and grow your business?

Part 1

As a business owner, I am sure you are familiar with financial statements such as a profit and loss, a balance sheet, and maybe even a statement of cash flows. They give

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Business Insights

Business insights are the glimpses you get into your business based on the data produced, pulled and reported. Traditionally, the small and medium business relies upon financial statements, produced no more frequently than monthly and often 15 days behind the last day of each month. These financial statements are

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What clients are saying about the Team at Tikvah Group next prev

  • It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Jeremy Slaughter and the outstanding work he has done in partnering with the Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO). Jeremy has been instrumental in designing, modifying, updating and maintaining our accounting processes as AASBO, including full incorporation of QuickBooks, and various other Excel documents that we use in reporting our financial situation to the Board of Directors. Among Jeremy’s many positive attributes is and commitment to quality work, his timeliness in producing work product on a consistent basis, his flexibility in helping us, even with shirt notice, prepare documents for Board meetings, and his positive approach in training our staff with new systems and programs. Jeremy can be counted on to what he promises and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend that you give Jeremy and The Tikvah Group every considering for future projects you may have.

    David, Executive Director

  • I have had the genuine pleasure of working with Jeremy and the Tikvah Group for the last 18 months. When I began this job the only constant was Tikvah’s knowledge and support of QuickBooks. We had just implemented QuickBooks in our 8 companies throughout the Western US in the AR, CR and AP modules. With Tikvah’s assistance and guidance we were able to integrate these modules, implement the GL module and begin to produce a variety of consolidated financial statements. After our successful transition, Tikvah has continued to “think outside the box” and has developed complex Excel templates to aid in corporate presentations and analysis, with the ease of a few keystrokes on our end. As a Foodservice Broker, we have found that Tikvah’s understanding of the industry, ability to apply accounting practices in this business and insightful suggestions such as a dashboard for related trends has been an added bonus. I highly recommend the Tikvah Group.

    Diane, Corporate Controller

  • Jeremy Slaughter with Tikvah Group has been working with our company for more than seven years. During this time he has helped our company with several different aspects of our business including monthly accounting, financial reporting, designing KPIs/metrics, payroll, expense and cost control, mergers, tax planning and providing knowledgeable information and strategy to help us grow our business. He has created the system to analyze our company and make sure nothing is missed. He is always on time and available whenever we need him, even when we have an emergency. Jeremy has an exceptional work ethic and has never let us down. I receive a few calls every month about accounting services and every time I tell them that we are happy with the service we have and we look forward to having Jeremy around for many years to come.

    Mariusz, Director of Operations

  • Jeremy Slaughter of the Tikvah Group has been providing services for our organization for many years now and has always been very prompt and professional. Anytime I have had questions in regards to Quick Books he has always done a great job at getting back to me and answering all my questions. He presents the information in a way that makes it clear and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Jeremy and the Tikvah Group for any of your financial service needs, he is wonderful to work with and has contributed so much to our organization.

    Ana, Membership Services/Accounting