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Finance Partnership

The Tikvah Group team believes there is more to accounting than simply entering transactions and inspecting debits and credits. We go beyond these basic functions and help our clients decipher what it all means by displaying key data on a live dashboard that is accessible any time. We speak the language and translate it so owners have the data necessary to make the right decisions.

Learn About the Tikvah Group Accounting Advantage

Learn how the Tikvah Group team uses a proven system for our services that promotes communication, clarity, clear expectations and results. 

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Our team works in the details so you don’t have to. We utilize a system to work with our clients for communicating, data gathering, data storage and data production. Because we set the expectations of how this system will work for you clearly and up front you aren’t left guessing how your work is getting done or what you should expect. You can spend your time focusing on your core competencies confidently knowing the details are being completed accurately and timely. 

You can only operate on what you know, and if your business reporting is not producing adequate information, timely reports or accurate data the business is in danger of operating based what you think you know. Reporting is an essential tool, but one that must be crafted to fit properly. It is like a custom made shoe. There are plenty of shoes out there, but a shoe made for your foot will fit better as it matches the shape of your specific body. In this manner, your reporting should fit your business and our team works to build that fit from the start.

As a results oriented team, Tikvah Group works to analyze the functions and information in your business. The purpose is not to know more in general about your business, but in fact to know more specific details in your businesses that will deliver the needed drive to make decisions based on what you know to be true. We collaborate with you to determine the results needed to accomplish your vision and goals and then build the systems and process to deliver the data that shows your progress.   

Our high level financial and development services are designed to provide your business with a partner. One of the larger challenges we have heard over the years from our clients is that they often feel alone to deal with all the programs, materials or initiatives a consultant brought into their business. It’s like a mountaineering guide taking a group into a wilderness and them leaving them there to spend far more time than was ever necessary to find their way out. The Tikvah Group team embraces this opportunity to lead our clients into the wilderness of business development and finance to emerge stronger on the other side. We advise and then lead beside you.