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How We Serve Your Business

Business owners have many talents and strengths, and these attributes are what give them the ability to grow a dream into a business. These same characteristics can keep business owners stuck in a place that does not look at all like their dream. How you might wonder? Too often these amazing owners and leaders try to run too many pieces of the business themselves or do not have quality systems in place and it forces them to operate outside their core talents and strengths. We have the privilege and opportunity to bring accounting and finance strengths and talents to our client’s businesses freeing managers, leaders and owners to operate in their strengths. As a result, our team becomes your team in collaborative work that leads to the best decisions to move the business ahead. – The Team at Tikvah

Find Out More About Tikvah Group Services

Learn how our team collaborates with your team to understand and service your business so you can focus on what you do best.

  • CFO Services

  • Controller Services

  • Business Development Services

  • Data and Analytics

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Accounting Systems

Our CFO services work with our client’s stepping in at the point where timely financial reporting is provided and moving from the reporting, yesterday’s information, to building strategy for the future, tomorrow’s plans. We partner with leaders and owners using reporting, market data and economic information to paint an organization wide picture of finances and operations that takes into account both internal and external factors. Our goal is our client’s success.

Bringing a CFO to the team of our client’s businesses adds value to them in ways they didn’t even expect as we partner to deliver the necessary drivers for success. Best of all, our CFO services aren’t a set of recommendations that leave our our client’s to adopt or integrate into their businesses. We partner to take on these projects and initiatives with our clients never leaving them to do it alone. 

  • Start with today’s position and build the strategic plans for tomorrow
  • Review current financial position and cash management (treasury)
  • Review current and foreseeable economic and legal risk
  • Study local economies
  • Look at industry trending
  • Watch legislation and statutes relevant to our client’s businesses
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Highest ad best use of capital from all sources; debt, equity, internal
  • Partner with our clients to integrate programs and systems adopted by leaders and owners
  • Liaison with banks, vendors, tax preparers and other important relationships in your business

Controllership provides more than accounting to our clients. Tikvah’s controllership services provide visibility into the businesses we serve through extensive management reporting and analysis of all the data to provide our client’s with the necessary information to make the best decisions to move their businesses ahead.

We partner with our clients to set up the best systems and processes to capture all the financial transactions as they are done in each specific business rather than generically in a textbook manner. We partner with our clients to create an accounting process that runs congruent with their operations and reports in the same terms. This is the language our client’s speak and we adopt it to partner for more productivity, efficiency and better results. 

  • Managerial Accounting & Reporting
  • Closing accounting periods
  • Producing timely and accurate reporting
  • Analytics and benchmarking to understand where you are and where you want to be
  • Pro-Forma and forward looking reporting and analysis
  • Budgeting and versus actual reporting and analysis
  • Development of accounting processes and procedures
  • Review & design of financial and accounting systems
  • Locate those activities in your business with results that need to be monitored and analyzed – set up the systems to perform the monitoring and analyzing

Developing a business means growing a business. Many firms focus on marketing and sales to accomplish this objective. The team at Tikvah recognizes that developing a great business requires a great infrastructure that provides a scalable and replicable way of doing business. 

Our team works to help our clients create this scalable and replicable environment using a systems based approach. As a certified Level 7 business and Certified Implementation Specialists, we work to help our client’s bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be developing a better business and better lives. 

  • Reviewing and establishing client’s vision
  • Reviewing and establishing targets and goals
  • Creating systems and processes that are results focused
  • Creating replication of desired results to grow our client’s businesses
  • Establishing an environment of focus and accountability
  • Establishing monitoring and metrics review of desired growth results 

The team at Tikvah Group believes in operating on what we know to be true. We know all the events happening within a business produce some sort of results. We work to capture these results as data in all facets of our client’s businesses to provide them with meaningful trends, facts and forecasting that leads to better decisions and ultimately a better business. 

We evaluate and analyze everything from the time you open the doors in the morning until you close them at night. Familiarity and routine often keep business people from asking the simple question, “Why do we do this? What are we hoping to achieve by doing it?” These key questions are where we begin. Once we know why, we can begin to assess whether or not the desired outcome is being achieved, and how to get those results if they are not being realized.  

  • Sales data reporting and trending
  • Financial data reporting and trending
  • Process creation and review
  • System review and reporting

While you are busy running a business, it’s easy for your bookkeeping to get left behind with little to no review and attention. The worst part of giving no attention to your bookkeeping is that quality full charge bookkeeping produces amazing results and potentially saves you money in costly clean-up, errors and penalties and fines. It also leads to great data that can be used in management & leadership decisions, reporting, analytics, and tax preparation.

We work with our clients using a proven system for all aspects of bookkeeping and communication so nothing slips through the cracks and it all stays up to day on a  day-to-day basis. We also realize all the benefits of quality full charge bookkeeping with our other services.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Receivable Collections

Accounting systems and their set up are easily overlooked, yet they are crucial to producing the data necessary to make informed financial decisions.

We like to think of accounting systems as information leverage. When strategically set up to capture the unique operation of a business these systems can create large quantities of quality data. We use an in-depth understanding of our client’s businesses and our accounting system expertise to leverage financial transactions into the reporting our clients need to take their business to the next level.

We do this with existing systems and new systems and all major accounting suites.

  • Review existing system setup
  • Build custom reporting and analytics to provide data necessary for decision making, monitoring and evaluating
  • New software evaluation based on our client’s needs
  • Software and data conversion from old systems to new systems