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The foundation of a great service partnership is built upon understanding, ability, service, experience and shared direction. We believe our role is to serve our clients well while moving in the same direction, and provide them the ability to partner and release business development and finance functions so they can focus on executing their vision.

Jeremy Slaughter


Jeremy is a well experienced business leader and a man of faith.  Graduating from The University of Phoenix in Finance and earning his Masters degree from the Keller Graduate School of Management in Accountancy and Financial Management, he has a deep understanding of how businesses can prosper.   He has worked as a financial analyst, a business consultant, worked in mergers and acquisitions, public accounting, tax preparations, payroll servicing.  He currently owns his own business and enjoys partnering with his clients in the execution of finance and development related strategies. 

Jeremy has valuable experiences in the business world and desires to serve his clients with integrity. He knows how to navigate through operational, financial and tactical business issues.  He will advocate the execution of your business concerns with strategy that will provide partnership and leadership to your growing organization.